Volunteer Update 2022

UpdatedMonday January 10, 2022 byCommunications Director.

Volunteer requirements have been altered effective for the 2022 Season!

ALL FAMILIES/COACHES are required to attend Spring Clean up (April 9, 2021) or volunteer 2 hours for field betterment at a later date to be arranged with Field Maintenance Board Member, Carson Stauss.

Volunteer deposits will be $300 for ALL families (one per family), NOW including Coaches.

Coaches deposits will be returned once HVYBSL receives our allotted equipment back, in full, at the end of the season. Coaching and return of equipment fulfills your $300 volunteer deposit.

Deposits will be returned upon completion of 2hrs of field betterment AND 2hrs in concession (per player).
ie: 2 players in a family equates to TWO 2hr concession shifts = to 4hrs.

Registering as the Team Parent/Manager will also fulfill your volunteer hours. These roles will help make sure that dugouts are free of garbage, team snacks arranged, fields are raked and holes filled after games by involving/scheduling fellow parents to do so.

The $300 deposit can also be used as an "opt-out" fee from volunteer hours.

Coaches (past and present) will also receive a discount on registration. This is being finalized at the January BoD meeting.